In The Moment

life is made up of moments

Goodbye Europe! Hello America!

One moment from each day over two weeks from Thursday the 9th of January to Wednesday the 22nd of January 2014.

My last moments in Europe spent in Budapest and South of France. I will hold the memories I made very close to my heart always.

Budapest had an almost magical spark to it. There was something there for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like a night out drinking in spectacular ruin bars or soothing your chilled bones in one of the many thermal baths. It was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

South of France brought wine, wine and more wine. I may have gotten sick on my first day there but I tended to my ailments with wine, Netflix and good company. Probably not the healthiest way to get better but it certainly lifted my spirits.

Then it was “Goodbye Europe!” With my entire trip soon to be coming to a close it was a bittersweet ending to a wonderful leg of the journey.

Homeward-bound, with just a small stop over in America.


Moments in Berlin and Budapest

One moment from each day of the week from Thursday the 2nd of January to Wednesday the 8th of January 2014.

Spending time with friends in Berlin was definitely what I needed after being away from home for so long. For the week we were together we became one big family. We explored together and didn’t even skim the surface of what Berlin had to offer. I can’t wait to get back there again.

I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. It was low key and enjoyable. Birthdays are always a time for self reflection for me which can lead to internalising thoughts. I felt lucky to have such supportive friends who made it into such a wonderful day and fun night and helped me to forget about my worries.

After party and fun times in Berlin, Aidan and I decided that Budapest would be a nice place to head to for some good old R&R. Once we heard about all the thermal baths scattered around the city we were sold. So we hopped on a plane ready to enjoy some long awaited time together, alone.

It was our first morning in Budapest and Aidan had come down with a nasty cold. Talk about perfect timing. We tried not to let it affect the trip. We had come to Budapest to rest anyway. On the first day while Aidan rested I decided to go for a walk and an explore. I was blown away by Budapest. The architecture, the history that surrounds you, it was beautiful.

More to come on Budapest in my upcoming blog.

Moments over Christmas and New Years

One moment from each day for a two weeks from Thursday the 19th of December to Wednesday the 1st of January 2014.

This weeks film is a bit different. During the busy time of Christmas and New Years I decided to make one film for the past two weeks.

These past two weeks have been filled with good company, good wine and good times. Spending Christmas with boyfriend and his family in Vannes. My first cold Christmas. It felt so right sitting by the fire in my oversized Christmas sweater. Singing along to Christmas carols sung by Bing Crosby. It was great to be around a big family again.

New Years in Berlin was insane. Constant fireworks going off on the streets. Our whole group running down the road ducking for cover from incoming fireworks falling all around us and trying to get to the party alive.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had a nice balance of relaxing and going out. Spending time with family and friends. It been a great end to a wonderful and crazy year.

Moments in Barcelona and Paris

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 12th of December to Wednesday the 18th of December.

So this blog entry is a few days late… whoops! I guess that’s what happens when travelling. You get a bit carried away with everything else. Also staying in a hostel doesn’t help with keeping any kind of routine. Neither does limited access to internet.

Barcelona was a fun city, very touristy but also very beautiful. I walked through Park Guell hearing music in the air from many buskers, observing Gaudi’s vision.

When you arrive in Paris you realise why it’s the city people fall in love with and the city where people go to fall in love. There is romance in the air, although it may also be the cold of winter that makes you feel like cuddling up next to someone to keep warm. It makes me miss my boy back home that much more. I’m not the romantic type, 6 months being overseas on your own, away from your boyfriend, can do that. However Paris may have lit a little spark of romance in me once again. Perfect timing too, as of tomorrow morning I’ll be with the boyfriend once more to spend Christmas in Vannes, France with his family.

It’s been an incredible week of observing great artists, enjoy fine food and wine, making memories with friends and recording more daily moments in life. I feel very lucky to be where I am and appreciate all the beauty that this world has to offer.

More travelling moments

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 5th of December to Wednesday the 11th of December.

I can’t believe how long I have been doing this for. It really puts into perspective the amount of time I have been away from home. Over six months now. I left for America in June and then made my way to Europe. The end of my trip is close to finishing, yet home still feels so far away. I miss home. I’m missing Christmas with my family for the first time in my life. I’m missing Australian summer spent with friends going out, staying in, just enjoying the good times and chilled vibes of the summer heat waves and cool waters of the Easter Beaches. The beach. I don’t even go that often, even though its down the road from where I live. Yet I miss the idea of having it there. It’s comforting. It feels like home. I have always lived by the water and when I’m away from it I feel like something is missing.

This past week I’ve been in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona. Cities that are all by the water. Lisbon and Barcelona especially remind of being by the water back home. It’s comforting. Though in reminding me of home it makes me miss it more.

Travelling is one of the greatest experiences in life. As great as it is though it becomes a constant reminder of the things that make you feel at home. As my good old friend Dorothy Gale once said “there’s no place like home.”

Moments travelling through Munich and Amsterdam

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 28th of November to Wednesday the 4th of December.

I’m not someone who particularly gets into the Christmas spirit at this time of year. However spending time in Munich and Amsterdam, visiting the many Christmas markets has gotten me into the spirit of things. It will be my first cold Christmas and I’m excited for it.

The journey through Europe continues. I feel like I am learning a lot about myself and the world. Enjoying the moments I share with others and the quiet moments I enjoy alone.

Moments in Italy

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 21st of November to Wednesday the 27th of November.

Italy has been an incredible journey. So much wine and delicious food has been consumed. We visited Venice, Florence and Milan. Absorbing the rich history and culture of each city.

I’m sad to leave to Italia tomorrow but excited to explore Munich and Amsterdam. The next destinations on our journey.

Moments with Company

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 14th of November to Wednesday the 20th of November.

Traveling with company is a whole other story from traveling alone, both are great for different reasons. My best friend Emily joined me in London a few days ago to start our trip around Europe together with our friend/Emily’s boyfriend Adon. After having not seen each other for almost 6 months getting together again was like a breath of fresh and familiar air. It felt like no time had passed. I haven’t laughed so hard and so much these past few days in a long time.
Traveling with good company, especially someone who is on the same page as you in interests and personality, makes going out and experiencing a city fun and exciting. To share the joy of going to the theater and getting songs stuck in your head so much that you sing to each other for days. (I finally got to see the stage production of The Lion King, something I’ve been waiting to do since I was a kid.) After spending so much time on my own it made me really value the friendships I have back home. Friends that are like family, no matter what the situation, they are always there for you. When traveling with others relationships get put to the test, but I am lucky to be traveling with two of my friends that even when times get tough and things go a bit crazy at the end of the day all is good.
Yesterday we left London for Venice, a seemingly simple journey until we missed our early morning flight due to our taxi driver getting lost on the way to the airport. What was meant to be a half-day in transit became an entire day of madness. When we finally arrived in Venice and were looking for a place to eat at 10pm, hungry and exhausted we thought we would go to a cheap place up the road. We got seated in the smoky gaming room with a man going between two slot machines constantly throughout our meal, the sounds of the pokies adding to the atmosphere. Too tired to even care we had our diner and shared a well-deserved bottle of vino. I turned to my friends in the middle of dinner and just burst into fits of laughter. Tears streaming down my face. How many taxis, trains, planes and boats had we been on to get here? How many people had we dealt with to sort out lost luggage? Surviving on about 3 hours of sleep. All you can do is laugh. Having friends to laugh with you makes it all worthwhile.
The trip around Europe has only just begun. I look forward to sharing more moments along the way.

Bath-time moments and some in London too

A week starting from Thursday the 7th of November to Wednesday the 13th of November.

This past week I  visited Bath and then returned to London. Bath was absolutely one of the most prettiest cities I have ever been to. However I wasn’t just shown the pretty side of Bath, I experienced the life of a twenty-something student living in Bath. Spending the weekend staying at shared house of 6 guys who all enjoyed a good night out, I definitely got a look into a side of “boy world” I’ve never seen before. It was all good fun though! However I did enjoy returning to some calm and quiet and nice cup of tea on my return to London. I have come to realise how much of a homebody I’ve become.

These past few days in London I’ve spent resting and giving myself some good old fashioned me time. I even took myself on a romantic date to visit the TATE and watch the sunset as I strolled along the Thames to the London Eye where I looked out at the London night lights.

I have made many fond memories and new friends this past week and look forward to the next adventures in this week to come.

Until next week…

Week 1 – Moments in London

A week staring from Thursday the 31st of October to the Wednesday 6th of November.

This is the start of a project called “In The Moment” where I document 3 seconds of each day and make a video of each week’s moments.

This project aims to follow my explorations and capture the moments in life that we may forget to stop and notice along the way.

This week in London felt the closest to home I have felt since I’ve left home. It may be the English blood running through my veins or the fact that Sydney and London share similarities in culture. There is something so warming about the first days of winter. Feeling cozy under the covers of your warm bed. The pitter patter of rain drops on your window. It somewhat relieves the guilt you have for not wanting to get out of bed. When I finally build up the courage to venture out into the cold and windy day and look up at the grey overcast sky I feel somewhat comforted. It’s a relief to see really weather after months spent in Los Angeles where the slightest precipitation is considered rain. I didn’t realise how much I missed the rain until I got caught in a rain storm. Sure it’s uncomfortable at the time but once your on the inside looking out at the raindrops catching themselves on the window panes you can’t help but feel cosy safe and warm.

Well enough about the weather!

London is a terrific place to explore. The history of this city is built into every wall. Yet it is one of the most modern cities in the world. Forever advancing with the constant changes across the globe.

You could be surrounded on the tube with barely enough room to breathe yet still feel calm in the organised chaos that is this city.

My imagination hasn’t felt this wild in while and I’ve never felt so comfortable being on my own.