Week 1 – Moments in London

by izzoid

A week staring from Thursday the 31st of October to the Wednesday 6th of November.

This is the start of a project called “In The Moment” where I document 3 seconds of each day and make a video of each week’s moments.

This project aims to follow my explorations and capture the moments in life that we may forget to stop and notice along the way.

This week in London felt the closest to home I have felt since I’ve left home. It may be the English blood running through my veins or the fact that Sydney and London share similarities in culture. There is something so warming about the first days of winter. Feeling cozy under the covers of your warm bed. The pitter patter of rain drops on your window. It somewhat relieves the guilt you have for not wanting to get out of bed. When I finally build up the courage to venture out into the cold and windy day and look up at the grey overcast sky I feel somewhat comforted. It’s a relief to see really weather after months spent in Los Angeles where the slightest precipitation is considered rain. I didn’t realise how much I missed the rain until I got caught in a rain storm. Sure it’s uncomfortable at the time but once your on the inside looking out at the raindrops catching themselves on the window panes you can’t help but feel cosy safe and warm.

Well enough about the weather!

London is a terrific place to explore. The history of this city is built into every wall. Yet it is one of the most modern cities in the world. Forever advancing with the constant changes across the globe.

You could be surrounded on the tube with barely enough room to breathe yet still feel calm in the organised chaos that is this city.

My imagination hasn’t felt this wild in while and I’ve never felt so comfortable being on my own.