Bath-time moments and some in London too

by izzoid

A week starting from Thursday the 7th of November to Wednesday the 13th of November.

This past week I  visited Bath and then returned to London. Bath was absolutely one of the most prettiest cities I have ever been to. However I wasn’t just shown the pretty side of Bath, I experienced the life of a twenty-something student living in Bath. Spending the weekend staying at shared house of 6 guys who all enjoyed a good night out, I definitely got a look into a side of “boy world” I’ve never seen before. It was all good fun though! However I did enjoy returning to some calm and quiet and nice cup of tea on my return to London. I have come to realise how much of a homebody I’ve become.

These past few days in London I’ve spent resting and giving myself some good old fashioned me time. I even took myself on a romantic date to visit the TATE and watch the sunset as I strolled along the Thames to the London Eye where I looked out at the London night lights.

I have made many fond memories and new friends this past week and look forward to the next adventures in this week to come.

Until next week…