Moments with Company

by izzoid

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 14th of November to Wednesday the 20th of November.

Traveling with company is a whole other story from traveling alone, both are great for different reasons. My best friend Emily joined me in London a few days ago to start our trip around Europe together with our friend/Emily’s boyfriend Adon. After having not seen each other for almost 6 months getting together again was like a breath of fresh and familiar air. It felt like no time had passed. I haven’t laughed so hard and so much these past few days in a long time.
Traveling with good company, especially someone who is on the same page as you in interests and personality, makes going out and experiencing a city fun and exciting. To share the joy of going to the theater and getting songs stuck in your head so much that you sing to each other for days. (I finally got to see the stage production of The Lion King, something I’ve been waiting to do since I was a kid.) After spending so much time on my own it made me really value the friendships I have back home. Friends that are like family, no matter what the situation, they are always there for you. When traveling with others relationships get put to the test, but I am lucky to be traveling with two of my friends that even when times get tough and things go a bit crazy at the end of the day all is good.
Yesterday we left London for Venice, a seemingly simple journey until we missed our early morning flight due to our taxi driver getting lost on the way to the airport. What was meant to be a half-day in transit became an entire day of madness. When we finally arrived in Venice and were looking for a place to eat at 10pm, hungry and exhausted we thought we would go to a cheap place up the road. We got seated in the smoky gaming room with a man going between two slot machines constantly throughout our meal, the sounds of the pokies adding to the atmosphere. Too tired to even care we had our diner and shared a well-deserved bottle of vino. I turned to my friends in the middle of dinner and just burst into fits of laughter. Tears streaming down my face. How many taxis, trains, planes and boats had we been on to get here? How many people had we dealt with to sort out lost luggage? Surviving on about 3 hours of sleep. All you can do is laugh. Having friends to laugh with you makes it all worthwhile.
The trip around Europe has only just begun. I look forward to sharing more moments along the way.