Moments in Barcelona and Paris

by izzoid

One moment from each day for a week from Thursday the 12th of December to Wednesday the 18th of December.

So this blog entry is a few days late… whoops! I guess that’s what happens when travelling. You get a bit carried away with everything else. Also staying in a hostel doesn’t help with keeping any kind of routine. Neither does limited access to internet.

Barcelona was a fun city, very touristy but also very beautiful. I walked through Park Guell hearing music in the air from many buskers, observing Gaudi’s vision.

When you arrive in Paris you realise why it’s the city people fall in love with and the city where people go to fall in love. There is romance in the air, although it may also be the cold of winter that makes you feel like cuddling up next to someone to keep warm. It makes me miss my boy back home that much more. I’m not the romantic type, 6 months being overseas on your own, away from your boyfriend, can do that. However Paris may have lit a little spark of romance in me once again. Perfect timing too, as of tomorrow morning I’ll be with the boyfriend once more to spend Christmas in Vannes, France with his family.

It’s been an incredible week of observing great artists, enjoy fine food and wine, making memories with friends and recording more daily moments in life. I feel very lucky to be where I am and appreciate all the beauty that this world has to offer.